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Where it happened...

Where it happened...

So, everyone wants to know the proposal story…so I figured I would blog about it.

Joseph and I were headed to go hiking on a trail at Crowder’s Mountain. His birthday is this Tuesday (June 9), so I thought we were going hiking for his “birthday weekend”. We went up a pretty strenuous trail. I’ll interject that previous to reaching the steep inclines and large rocks we had to cross, I was making fun of the map saying that it would be strenuous – after all, we’ve trained for a half-marathon, how bad could a 2 mile hike be?  It took us a little under a hour, we walked at a fairly leisurely pace, taking pictures along the way of God’s awesome creation. We reached the peak of the mountain, and sat down on a rock just admiring the view over the city. There were a few other groups of people that were circulating in and out of the overlook. We were enjoying some PB&J sandwiches, along with a few of my favorite snacks when there were no other people around at the top, and Joseph went to put his water bottle back in his book bag. He came back with a tiny box in his hand, he got down on one knee, looked at me and said the reason for this hike was not about me or my birthday, but because I wanted to ask you, Alyssa, if you will be my wife? I, of course, said yes and then he gave me another surprise, a journal of letters he had written over the last thirty days (one each day) of his journey and thoughts leading up to the proposal. We spent the next hour or so calling to tell family members and friends of the great news! We spent the evening at my house with friends and family, thanks to a cookout my sister and Joseph had planned. It was wonderful.

I’m looking forward to the wedding planning, and appreciate all the congratulations from all of you.





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