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Just got home from camp (well, I ate dinner first – come on, I needed some real food ha ha). The Lord was very present, as always, at Camp Paradise this year. I am so encouraged by all the students who made decisions for Christ as well as recognized areas of their lives they need to focus on.

Aside from God’s will being carried out through the presentation of his word by awesome speaker Jared Herd and wonderful worship from Exodus (band from Liberty University) there was a lot of fun had.

I’m very sleepy but I have to unpack and I have school work (rolls eyes) so I’ll leave you with a mini-Inside the Mind:

– Leaders Dance Party 09, off the charts in awesomeness

– Coach Snyder and Ceicel definitely give me the creeps

-Frostbite, ‘nough said

– 1 John, read it

– Lily Powers, favorite baby


live.love they’re gifts from above


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