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I’ve had one of those days where it’s been sort of – bleh.

This isn’t going to be long, just sort of had something on my mind.

I had thoughts going through my head most of the day and because of that, I was in my own little world. I’m sure most of those who came in contact with me could tell that I wasn’t myself. There are a few things on my mind still currently, but one of the things that is weighing heaviest on my heart is a conversation that took place between me and one of my kids at work.

My three-year-olds were sitting in a circle in front of me on Monday as they always do. During circle time we go over the weather and change the clothes for the frog on the bulletin board, he’s wearing Hawaiian pants and holding sunscreen right now, because it’s been so hot! We had calendar time where we talked about the month and the day of the week, and then we discussed the theme of the week. Each week in my classroom we have a different theme. This week was “All about Dad” because Fathers Day is fast approaching. I was showing them the fun activities/crafts we’ll be doing this week. I explained that all of these crafts were going to be sent home at the end of the week so that they could show them to their dads and tell him how special he is.

Timidly, one of my children raised their hand: “Miss Alyssa… I don’t have a daddy.” Heart break. Quickly reality slammed into me like a brick wall as I remembered that his dad has never been involved in his life. I hurt for him, knowing that this was one of the first times he’d understand the difference of having or not having a father involved in your life. Fighting tears back from my eyes I told him about another Father he had, God, and how as he grew up God would be there to teach him, love him, and hold him.

Whatever kind of relationship you have with your parents, remember that there is a heavenly Father who will never leave you or disappoint you. If you have attentive and loving parents, praise the Lord that He has set these examples in your life. If you don’t, then I pray God reveals Himself to you as your Caretaker and Eternal Father.


Special thanks to God for sending me a father who told me about the Father.


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