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Rinaldi Recap

The holidays seem to fly by faster each year, so I just wanted to document a little bit of what life has been like lately and what the kids are like at this stage of their lives.

We decorated our tree and I think this was the first year Brooklyn really got into it. Last year she was excited about the tree itself but wasn’t really into placing ornaments. I love seeing her involved in a ¬†process instead of just observing or wanting to facilitate (which is her normal default). She dove right in to placing ornaments and loves to look at them everyday. Her favorite ornaments this year are our Linus from the Peanuts and a star that she made last year as a Christmas craft. Brooklyn continues to amaze me with the amount of information she retains.

Her attention to detail is something else, she could probably tell you what she had for lunch 7 weeks and 3 days ago and I am lucky to remember where I put my contact case this morning. She’s been able to put those memory skills to the test throughout this fall at Awana. This is the first time our church has had this program and we as parents and as participating leaders have had nothing but a great (and sometimes tiring ūüėČ ) experience so far. Brooklyn loves her teachers (sometimes she likes to act like the teacher ūüėÄ whoops) and is developing a genuine love for God, the Bible, and the Church. I’m thankful for this program and the way that it encourages parents to get involved with their children’s spiritual lives.

Aside from Awana, Brooklyn is really interested in books, letters, drawing/writing, and pretending. She sometimes phases in and out of different characters she is imagining herself to be, I have to stay attentive or else I’m all the sudden calling her Elsa when she’s changed to Flo the Dog. “Princesses don’t bark, Mom.” Her favorite story right now is Jonah. Favorite book is new this week, Amelia Bedelia – though she hides her face every time Amelia Bedelia messes something up. Favorite show is Wild Kratts. Favorite food is greek yogurt. Favorite person is her dad. IMG_9215 ¬† Timothy is all about that eating life. Really if you see him and he isn’t eating, then we must be coming into a building or about to leave one. He eats ALL. THE. TIME. I have to make sure I always have food handy. Though he eats all the time he is still a little dude, he stays in the 3-5% of the weight chart for growth. He’s happy and healthy so we’re okay with that. His favorite foods are: anything. No, but really – apples, crackers,¬†chili, string cheese, pasta, pizza, cooked carrots, cooked broccoli. He sleeps like a dream, from about 6pm – 7am and naps twice a day. Give or take half an hour either way. He’s generally happy, he likes having me nearby though. He isn’t walking for us at home, though it’s rumored he has taken several steps at Sunday School and Awana. He will walk all day around furniture but the moment he is standing alone he just plops down. I look forward to him walking and running but I’m enjoying him being the baby for a little bit longer. He says lots of words these days that I can decipher, though if you aren’t me it probably sounds like a bunch of baby blabber. His favorite words are “No”, “Thank You”, “Uh oh”, “Daddy”, and “More”. IMG_9237 ¬† The kids are starting to play together, which is a dream come true. Brooklyn loves to hold Timothy, and would carry him around if she could handle his weight, haha. This is a picture of the two of them at one of Brooklyn’s little friends birthday parties. She loves to mother people, she will be a great mom one day. He is content to let her hold him most of the time. IMG_9509 ¬† While Timothy is all about Momma, Brooklyn remains a daddy’s girl.¬†Brooklyn is sad most mornings when Joseph heads to work and talks about him frequently throughout the day. She loves to call his work line and leave a message and she loves to wait by the door and “hide” when he gets home. She asks for him to put her to bed most nights, and if we are ever driving separate somewhere she will 9 times out of 10 pick daddy’s car to ride in, I hear the music is better. They are so similar and I love that. I see her do things a certain way, or say things a certain way and think: wow, you are just like your dad. It’ sweet…and sometimes terrifying, ha!

This is a particularly busy season for Joseph at work, and we were blessed the other day with an unexpected lull in the office so he got to come scoop Brooklyn up from home and take her on a daddy/daughter play date with one of Joseph’s best buddies, Jamison, and his daughter, Selah. Pizza + singing Christmas bears + Discovery Place. They had a blast.¬† IMG_9765 ¬† We’ve had several playdates recently and it’s been nice to catch up with some other Moms.

Brooklyn got to hang with Selah earlier in the month when we crashed their house and we had a wonderful time visiting. Selah’s mom not only has Selah but also twin boys, a superwoman, for sure.

One of my best friends had her first son back in September and though she is sleep deprived she is doing awesome with the whole thing and it’s been neat to grow the mom bond through an already existing friend bond. Most of my mom friends are the other way around, we’ve gotten to know each other more through the process of having kids, so it’s been such a treat to go through the motherhood thing with such a long time friend. In the past two weeks alone we’ve had playdates with two different moms in the Sunday School class I am in. When we first started we were one of two couples with kids, and now several others have either joined or started families and it’s just been great.

All these moments spent with other moms have been really sweet, each of them is my type of girl. Down to earth, engaged with their children, loving the Lord, and humble.¬†Our generation seems to be super obsessed with perfect houses, kids, crafts, clothes, and really just lives in general. I can’t handle that kind of pressure, though to be honest sometimes it is hard not to get sucked in, as I grow as a person and as a Mom I find myself giving myself grace to be who I am instead of who I feel pressured to be. I know this is a struggle for almost every woman, because once you admit it to one you are more than likely to hear “me too!” right back. I try to maintain a neat home and have fun with my kids but¬†give me a pb&j and conversation inside a somewhat cluttered living area with a hoodie and jeans on any day of the week over¬†a locally sourced¬†brunch with martha stewarts lastest floral arrangement adorning your all white kitchen without a crumb in sight while you’re in heels and pearls. I kid, kind of. Buy local, have clean homes, do cool stuff with your kids, but don’t be a brat about it. Also I love all white kitchens.

Joseph and I are coming up on 5 years of marriage which means we are about to start trying to have kids…….. except that we already have two and your plans never turn out the way you plan them.

We’re loving our house we moved into. We have been able to host several get togethers and that makes me feel all merry and bright inside. When we moved, we moved for a few reasons, but when we decided to buy a home that was larger than our previous home we wanted to make sure we were intentional about¬†using the space we have to live life with others. I look forward to the other opportunities we’ll have to be a place where people can gather and enjoy each others company. 2015 doesn’t have much on the horizon for us yet. It’s always exciting to enter a new year with not much in store because it leaves room for a lot of possibilities.

If we don’t see you over the coming weeks, Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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