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Brooklyn loves to figure things out. She is constantly asking questions.

Every time we listen to music she wants to know “what is this song about?”

We always listen to “Christian” music (in quotes because…can music be saved? no…lol) in my car. So, generally the songs are about God.

Typically our conversation starts like this:

B: Mommy, what’s this song about?

Me: God

B: But it doesn’t say God

She’s usually right, because she knows almost all of the songs on the radio by heart, she knows which ones actually say the word God in them.

After she says that I try to find a way to explain how the song can still be about God without actually saying God. Ya know, like, God can be talked about in terms of “He” just like Brooklyn is a “she”, or Brooklyn is a daughter and God is a father. We’ll talk about specific attributes of God that are mentioned in the song that give us a clue this song is about God because the bible tells us these attributes are part of who God is…etc.

So, just as some songs don’t say God but are about God, that’s a way we can think about the way we interact with people and how to discern others interactions with us. We can’t fault those that haven’t been truly changed by Christ for not acting like Christ, but we can respond to them and our response should be Christ filled.

So these music conversations have given us a chance to talk about the way we handle friendships in this house too. She’s not unaware of the idea of being included and the idea of being left out (even at 3 years old, so sad). She’s caught on to other people not treating people (her) the way that she’s encouraged to treat people. I try to remind her that not everyone knows that God loves them and everyone struggles with sin and if we don’t take care of the sin in our heart it is very hard to be about God. Just like any song can say the word God, we have to look at the song as a whole to figure out what it’s actually about…it is the same with humans.

We can say anything with our lips but our actions are the reflection of our heart.

Explaining this to a three year old is time consuming, challenging, but so precious at the same time. Her curious mind really ministers to my heart more than she will ever know. She is not quite aware that some of the things she’s just now being introduced to in regards to human interaction are potentially lifelong struggles for women, and definitely a personal struggle of mine. I feel the gentleness of God working on my heart through the curious mind of my child, and it is incredible to become aware of the intimate ways God speaks to me. My deepest love on this earth is for my husband, but my most convicting love on this earth is for my children. By that I mean, Joseph is a believer and so his spiritual life is not my responsibility but as Brooklyn and Timothy’s parents, Joseph and I both feel a strong sense of responsibility to teach them who God is and what He is about, and since I am home with them a majority of the time, I really feel a conviction about teaching them these things as early as I see they are ready in a way that makes sense to them at the time. So, when I am taking opportunities to share some truth with Brooklyn, it really comes full circle when God teaches me through me teaching Brooklyn.

Someone may not have to quote scripture or profess Christ to you for you to know they are about God. Though this doesn’t happen in music often, the inverse of this can be true too, and it’s a harsh truth: sometimes those who say so much about God are not about God. They are about themselves.

We’ve all probably grown up with the phrase “actions speak louder than words”.

The bible’s take on this:

Matthew 7:17-18

“So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. 18 A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.”

So, although with your lips you may say the things of God, what are you doing with your actions in your life? Are you being loving? Inclusive? Are you a servant? Do you seek out what benefits you or others? Are you humble? Are you kind? Do you seek to be good to all or just some?

The fruits of the spirit are: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

These fruits aren’t just for those in your ‘inner circle’, if you find you only can excercise these fruits to certain people on your “approved” list, it might be time for a heart check.

This is something I have to do often for myself.

It’s hard being around people who “say God”, as Brooklyn would say, but aren’t about God. When in those situations, and you’ve heart checked your own self, rest in the fact that though you may not be ‘enough’ to some, you are so enough to God.

Haven’t left a little song for you lately, so here is the initial song that brought about this whole convo… it doesn’t say God 😉 but it says you are enough, God’s greater than any greatness you could ever want or need.

MercyMe- Greater


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