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Life update – March 2014

It’s been awhile since I’ve given a general update on our family.

After a cold and snowy winter, I feel ready for summer. Love the snow, hate the cold. Bring on the pool days and outside play!


Brooklyn will be 3 in June and I can’t believe how fast the time goes.

It is really fun to watch her personality develop.

She’s extremely girly, a lover of all thinks pink and princess.


She loves love, she likes to ask J and I to dance or hug… a lot. She says “come on guys, stand up, can you dance? Ok daddy, hug mommy!” She’s really into figuring out who is paired with who, and when she figures out who you are married to, don’t be surprised if every time she sees your spouse she comes running excitedly telling you where they are, “look! There’s your husband!!!” 🙂

She loves for us to read to her, her favorite books are: Thank You God, Dora Trick Or Treat, and a book she calls “the fish book”- it’s about creatures of the sea. I recently downloaded a Bible app for kids on my phone and I’ve been reading her those stories, as well. Her favorite bible stories are: “Jesus the doctor” as she calls it…where Jesus heals the man who cannot walk, “The tree one” which is the story of the fall of man, she always says “uh oh they disobeyed God!”, and “The cross” which is of course Jesus dying on the cross – she gets sad in this story but continually asks to read it. I can’t help but think God is already softening her heart towards Him.

She’s very extreme in her emotions, 100% happy, 100% sad, 100% tantrum. 🙂 Usually happy though.

Some of her favorite activities are playing outside with bubbles, playing in dress up clothes, going to church, and watching PTI with Daddy.

When I look back on this stage of life with Brooklyn I want to remember a few things:

The things she says. She has all these little phrases that she’ll one day grow out of, they are funny and cute and I’ve been trying to take video clips of each one so we can remember them. Cute phrases: “ok I try”, “with ME?” (Emphasis on me… You want to dance with ME?), “loveaby” for lullaby, “which one, you or you?” For when she is figuring out if it’s me or Joseph going to help her with something.

The way she treats others. Although she shows shyness sometimes, for the most part she will talk to anyone about anything. Toddlers really only rely on how a person looks and how their parents react to a person when figuring out of they will talk to you. She shows no discrimination with who she befriends.

Her girly side. I’m not incredibly girly. I feel most comfortable in jeans and a tshirt and I rarely wear jewelry besides my wedding rings. I love that Brooklyn is her own person and whether she stays this way or not, I love watching her feel beautiful in her own way, not one I’ve imposed on her.



Timothy will be 6 months old on March 21st.

He’s adjusting to his role as baby of the family. He loves being held and cuddled (by me, he isn’t a fan of too many other people holding him). He loves looking at Brooklyn.


That’s his face most of the time when looking at her.

He loves rolling around, playing with his moose and giraffe cloth.

He has 4 teeth that have grown in pretty well and 2 more that just broke the surface so he’s usually trying to bite something or drooling. Brooklyn never drooled so that’s new. 🙂


His favorite thing to eat is my face.

He doesn’t sit yet on his own and really has no interest in it. He can get anywhere he needs to go by rolling and scooting his body around so, he’s in no hurry.

He wakes up about 2 times a night still but I’m not bothered by it most days. With Brooklyn I spent so many months wishing she would just sleep, and one day she just did. I’m fine with Timothy being a baby, but will welcome sleeping through the night when it comes.

He loves to eat.


He’s a pretty small guy. I don’t know what percentiles he’s in because we haven’t had the 6 month appointment yet but I think he will be average or high for length, below average for weight.

At this stage of life for Timothy I want to remember:

How much more confident I am in my parenting. Your first child everything is new, I like being on the other side of that and feeling confident in defending my parenting position if needed or advocating for my child and not feeling guilty for it. New moms- people (well intentioned or not) will tell you how to raise your kids or critique the things you do, if you have approached your parenting with prayer then lean into the strength God has for you as a mother, it is there if you will ask for it and heed to His convictions He placed in your heart.

Timothy’s love for me. As I mentioned a few blogs back, I dealt with depression at the beginning of Timothy’s life. I love the bond he and I have now, and I cherish every snuggle, smile, and sweet attempt he makes to communicate with me. Being the mom of a boy is so sweet.

The way God has changed my heart on future children. I really felt so done having children when I was dealing with depression but getting to know Timothy and continuing to raise Brooklyn has reawakened the desire for more children.


We celebrated our 4 year anniversary back in January and I would say so far 2014 has been one of the greatest years for our marriage. Something, for me, changed in our marriage after I had a natural birth with Timothy. Living those moments with Joseph and feeling his confidence in me is something I really can’t explain and still makes me emotional thinking about it. Most everyone knows Joseph as silly and loud and passionate and intense. Knowing the other side of him that is more serious and gentle and quietly loving that I’ve always know, and seeing it manifest itself in such a big part of our lives as we welcomed our son into the world, well it just was so special.

We both have great friends that challenge us spiritually and encourage us in the every day things of life. We got plugged in to a Sunday school class last year, we had always served in youth ministry before that. Though we miss serving with students here or there, we have really seen the benefits in being around people in similar stages of life as us with a common goal of pursuing a God honoring marriage. At the risk of making you guys gag, I would say I love Joseph more than I ever have.


Same dog, different year. :p We love you marley…you are a nutso.


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