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Interview with Brooklyn 2.5 years

Brooklyn will be 2.5 years in December. I saw on a friends blog an interview with her little one, and it was too cute so I thought up some questions for Brooklyn…enjoy!

How old are you? “I’m two mommy”

How old is Mommy? “I don’t sure”

How old is Daddy? “two!!!”

What is your favorite food? “My craisins”

What is a food you don’t like? “Something disgusting”

What is your favorite toy? “I love my baby”

Does your baby have a name? “Wiv-ya” (Olivia)

Who is your best friend? “Mrs. Whitney!”

What is your favorite song? “Brooklyn’s song!”

How does your song go? “Huh mommy, huh?”

Can you sing your song? “Bless the Lord, oh my soul!”

What does mommy do all day? “Feed baby brother and hold Timothy and make Brooklyn sandwich and play.”

What does daddy do all day? “Go to work and hug Brooklyn bye bye and waive out the window and watch football and give Brooklyn a special treat”

What does Timothy do all day? “He can cry. I can give him a hug.”

Timothy does more than cry, right? “He poops and sometimes he cries”

What do you like to do all day? “I like my tv, can we watch tv?”

That’s not what you do all day… “May I watch tv please? with manners?”

What is your favorite animal? “Can we watch tv?”

Can you tell me your favorite animal? “Giraffe”

What is something mommy says? “It’s okay Timothy”

What is something mommy says to Brooklyn? “Use your words, go potty okay?”

What is something daddy says to Brooklyn? “Come on lets dance!” … “Can I dance now mommy?”

Where is your favorite place to go? “We go to church! We can go to church tonight!”

What are you thankful for? “London and Reecie, my daddy, mommy, and timothy, and aunt mere, and my uncle justin, and my uncle jornand. and my Aunt Blair. My GiGi and Pop Pop. And my Grandpa and Grandma. And my Nana and my bear and my craisins. What else mommy?”

I don’t know, what else? “and my Jesus and my milk and water! and my shoes and my ball and my big girl car seat”



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Nothing is something

Sometimes at the end of the day I’m so exhausted.

My husband arrives home from work, my little girl (who was just having a meltdown because life isn’t fair) smiles ear to ear running and yelling “daddy’s home, my daddy is home!!”, and the baby is either on my hip being held by me or in a carrier so I can have both hands free. He may or may not be crying. Depends on the day.

Most days as this scenario unfolds I feel acutely aware of everything that isn’t done. The dishes are piled up. The laundry is over flowing. The toys, while maybe contained in the playroom, are scattered about the whole room. Dinner still may be 30 minutes out from being ready (read: I haven’t even started cooking).

This isn’t every single day, but it is a common occurrence.

Sometimes I feel like I have accomplished nothing in the day. So why am exhausted? I almost feel like I need to apologize to my husband who had been out of the house all day making a living so I can stay home and do “nothing”. Although he never mentions it. He scoops up the little girl, kisses me on the cheek, tries to figure out if it’s most helpful to talk me through my stress or leave me alone while I get dinner ready (usually it’s leave me alone). He offers grace when I feel like I have failed in my “role”.

But right now, I’m typing this as my daughter naps and I rock my son (in the awesome glider joseph bought which has been a life saver). In this moment I’m aware of all of the “nothing” that has gone on today, and it’s really something.

We went to the doctor. What a blessing that we have access to healthcare, a kind and knowledgable pediatrician, and healthy children.

Breakfast and lunch were made and enjoyed over counting craisins and working on manners when the girl asks for milk. These small repetitions of asking for “please” and “thank you” seem maddening at times but the continuation of teaching her good manners refines me as a mother. It teaches me patience.

We crunched around in leaves outside and learned about our senses. Can we hear the leaves crunch? Let’s thank God we can hear, some cannot. What colors can we see? Let’s thank God for each color we see, some have no sight. Are leaves prickly or soft? Let’s thank God for our ten fingers that help us explore this world, some are crippled. What does a leaf smell like anyway? The little girl says: “uhhh it smells wyke a leaf?” 🙂 In the small details, God is teaching me to teach her to be thankful- which works on my heart too. Am I thankful for the things that go unnoticed?

We read books to little brother on the couch, but little brother couldn’t hang and fell asleep. Then the little girl nodded off for 10 minutes as well. and I soaked them in: their small features, their sweet sleeping faces, their ability to feel so safe with me they they can be completely at rest.

So in a short hour from now, when I’m working on dinner and the baby is fussy and the little girl is tired of a long day with momma and just wants her daddy, and I catch a glimpse of the laundry… I’ll remember that there are days I will accomplish things that seem like they matter, but today I accomplished the main thing that matters: I loved my kids by living out Jesus’ calling on my life as a mother. And that is a whole lot of something.

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