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Oh, my sweet Brooklyn.

How are you two years old?

I wanted to write a blog about you turning two, so that I can remember what you are like at this age. I wish I could bottle up memories and relive them, but I guess that is what blogs, and photos, and videos are for…a way to capture, but I know it won’t be quite the same 25 years from now, when maybe you have a little one of your own…and I will see you holding him or her, and I will for a moment want to smell your freshly washed toddler hair, or squeeze your little hand, or watch you sleepily crawl up onto “Daddy” and tell him you “wuv” him. These moments, they are sweet.

Maybe I should not be listening to sappy songs while I’m writing this.


Onto some fun, here are some things we are enjoying or entertained by or some little facts I want to remember:

-You have a funny confused face, you scrunch your nose and narrow your eyes when something is questionable to you. Sometimes followed by a “I don’t wyke dat”

-You LOVE shoes. You wear shoes all day, multiple pairs if you can figure out how to take off the current shoes you have on, or if you ask with manners 😉 Your favorite shoes to wear are your dress-up princess sandals, your crocs (sorry Christa), daddy’s bedroom slippers, and your orange jellies.

-You are intense. You really don’t do much with any sort of half heartedness. You are fully engaged in whatever it is you are focused on. I have told a few people that I feel like you will be an engineer of some sort :). You like to open things, but not really to get something out of whatever you’ve opened, mainly so you can figure out how to close it. Or ask us to close it, repeatedly…hehe. You like little objects, manipulating and inspecting them.

-Your prayers sound like this: “Dear God, Thank you for (whoever or whatever is on your mind, sometimes family members…sometimes inanimate objects…sometimes food) and thank you for Jesus “dining on the cross” (dying on the cross) AMEN”

-You love Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Lion King.

-Speaking of Lion King, you LOVE to sing, and your favorite songs are from Lion King, “Hakuna Matata” being at the top of the list.

-You don’t like to see others sad, when someone is crying you always want to know “why are they crying?” and recently in Sunday School if a friend is upset you try to hug them and say “oh it’s okay!”

– I have body mist from Bath and Body Works that you love, it has sparkles in it, but you call them “finkles” aka “sprinkles”.

– Your favorite foods are: applesauce, craisins, chicken nuggets, grapes, yogurt, PB&J sandwiches, waffles, and turkey. If you notice, there are not any veggies on the list   -_-

-You love animals.

-You’re slightly a neat freak. You don’t like crumbs touching you, if you drop something on your clothes you usually want to change (you don’t always get your way there, sister), sometimes you break out into the “clean up song” even when I haven’t asked you to clean up…and I get the feeling it is because you are overwhelmed with the mess of your playroom. 🙂 This is pretty hilarious considering I am your mom. And am completely unorganized. Your dad is super neat though. So, you both keep me on my toes.

-You have your first “crush”. You are kind of in love with John Stegemerten, daddy’s good friend and our worship pastor at church. Now that you are more vocal it has become more apparent that he is probably your favorite person from our group of friends. You’re always “HEY JOHN!” every time you see him, on your birthday I asked who’s birthday it was…prompting you to say “MINE!” and you said “JOHN!” and more and more each Sunday you recognize that after Sunday School is your opportunity to find him. This past Sunday I picked you up from class and said “guess who we get to go see?” intending for your answer to be “DADDY” you said “MISTER JOHN!!!!!”. So. That is too funny. He’s too old for you, and he’s married. But you haven’t figured out that Mrs. Whitney should really be your enemy, and you love her a lot too!

-You like looking “pretty”. For the past few days you’ve wanted to wear the same dress each day, and I know it is because the first day you wore it Daddy told you how beautiful you looked, because now you say “oh look at my beautiful dress!” and twirl. You don’t have to teach a little girl how to twirl. It comes about as naturally as breathing.

We have your two week check-up next week, so I’ll figure out all your stats then. We know you weigh 25lbs on our scale. You like to stand on the scale and say “twenty five!” even though you have no idea what that means. 🙂

We love you and are proud of you, can’t wait to see what this next year of life brings for you!


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