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Little Brother

So, I feel a bit bad, Brooklyn had a dozen blog entries, give or take, dedicated to my pregnancy with her and leading up to her arrival, and this little chap barely has any. Such is life with a toddler, right?

So, for my own memory, and for anyone that cares, here’s what me and the little boy have been up to…

I’m 24 weeks and 3 days along currently. I would say I don’t remember much of my first trimester. I was sick or out of it most of the time. I am happy to report that nausea only strikes maybe once a week if that and has otherwise completely peaced out. I also seem to be gaining some energy back. It seems like a good bit of people want to know the difference in your pregnancies – that’s a question I get a lot. I have felt different with this one, with some familiar moments here and there. Example: I felt just as sick, but maybe at a different time of day. I’m growing, but at a different rate (I feel a lot ‘bigger’ with the boy, but I haven’t gained weight, probably because I weighed more to begin with this time). I have more energy now than I did when I was pregnant with B, but I was also working 40 hours a week then and I am now forced to find energy because my days are spent discovering things with a toddler.

I feel like I am in a good stage. Heartburn is present, but it’s manageable if I eat a whole box of tums (kidding). Lots of little kicks, which is always fun. I feel a little self conscious about the way I look sometimes, but that’s normal, just ask any pregnant person past or present. Or any woman really. I will, however, say that Joseph and I got to go on a ‘somewhat date’ to a wedding (ok, so it wasn’t dinner an a movie, but we were without Brooklyn for the night- thanks Mom and Dad for keeping her!!), and we both looked nice and I felt like I looked nice…which was even better. It’s not all about looks (or at all about looks), but it was one of those moments that I appreciated to make me feel a little more normal again – new makeup and a good hair day does wonders, y’all.

We also had a fun time on the dance floor. Joseph kind of lives to be on the dance floor, it’s entertaining. Sometimes it is rare that he and I get a moment to just enjoy the marriage and not the entire life we have together, do you understand what I’m saying?? ┬áThose are two wonderful but different things. I think it’s important to grow your family bond, and dwell in parenthood together, but it’s also super important to remember that you are a Mrs. AND a Mommy, not just a Mommy. So, thanks Grant and Cassie for getting married, so that I could steal some time away with my man.

Back to the little boy. I never really know how to reference him: little boy, baby boy, little brother, little man, the kid on the way, #babyrinaldi2013 (shout out to twitter followers). So for now, he just goes by whatever. We don’t have a name picked out. We haven’t quite decided if we will tell people his name even if we do pick it out.

When we picked out Brooklyn’s name I had a co-worker that constantly told me her name reminded her of Broccoli. Okay. Thanks.

So far my doctors appointments have gone well and have been the basics of weight, blood pressure, questions about the baby moving, general check on how I’m feeling. We have had two ultrasounds and will likely not have anymore (hopefully no complications!!). In a few weeks I’ll take my glucose test. I don’t think anyone looks forward to that, but I am looking forward to that being OVER. I weigh more this time around, but I take better care of myself in terms of what I eat and I work out about 4-5 days a week (and I’m doing squats for a 30 day challenge, shout out to my 30-day-squat-challenge group!). So, I’m not necessarily nervous, just will be happy to hear positive results.

I’ve been on the search for a maternity bathing suit. Most of them are just ugly or overpriced (or both!). So, I ended up purchasing part of a tankini (the bottoms) at target, and combined it with a top I already own, so we can finally have a pool day with Mommy in the water soon, woo hoo!

I have a major sweet tooth with this pregnancy. I never really had any cravings with Brooklyn. The only time I remember wanting a certain food was an apple, and it was ‘one of the best apples I ever had’ or so I told my mom. With this kid, I think I could bake up a storm every day. Cookies, pastries, cakes, brownies, you name it. Thankfully I’ve only done this once so far (gave in and baked something), but I think about it most days… heh.

Looking forward to fun things we have planned this summer: seeing some good friends from Ohio this weekend, celebrating my sweet girls 2nd birthday in a few weeks (we aren’t having a ‘party’, so don’t feel like you weren’t invited…no one was!), Joseph’s 10 year high school reunion, Joseph’s birthday, beach trip in July, and many more fun things I hope!

Welcome Summer time, you were missed!



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