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Maw Maw Betty

My Maw Maw Betty is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever known.

She makes friends with everyone she meets and would give you anything she owned if she knew it would make you happy.

I can’t remember a time where I have left her house without some sort of baked good, $5, a sweater she found from Goodwill that just “looked like me”, or a piece of wisdom to keep in my heart.

She is encouraging, always handing out a compliment, she would stop a stranger in a store just to tell them that their haircut looks nice.

Whenever I have introduced her to any of my friends, she instantly makes them feel like family, she calls you ‘baby’ and ‘darlin’ and in the first time she meets you she’s guaranteed to hug you and tell you she loves ya, with a big smile on her face.

Although 2012 has been a year of ups and downs, and she will be the first to tell you her memory isn’t what it used to, I can tell you her encouragement and her open arms are still the same.

Here’s to you Maw Maw, I hope you enjoy this song, I know it is one of your favorites and I love you very much.



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