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Video blogging? Don’t hate.

But really, I still prefer to write, but this was helpful getting some things off my mind.

Enjoy – and maybe laugh at how awkward I am.



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In the quiet corners of my mind and the chocolate hue of my eyes- you can find my Momma.

While I often think of the ways she has influenced me, and by my looks I am unmistakably her daughter…and sometimes mistakenly her sister 🙂 , I really just want to take a moment to publicly honor her.

As I’m thinking about our bond, there are so many things about her that have helped to shape the person I am. She is everything I am not, and yet I find her in so many areas of what makes me, me.

My mother reflects, I react. She’s quiet, I’m vocal. She’s unassuming, I’m quick to form an opinion.

Although much of my traits could make someone into a very unpleasant person, my momma has pushed me to use them for a purpose. I react for a good cause, I’m fiercely passionate about being a good example for my daughter, I’ve learned that sometimes you have to speak up for yourself, and that sometimes God-given discernment is the only guide you have.

She has a calmness that draws you in and a sweet spirit that keeps you around.

As a little girl, she never pushed me to be interested in things I was “supposed” to be into. So instead of playing dress-up in princess clothes and watching Sleeping Beauty, I was taking art classes and watching Bob Ross.

As I’ve grown older, she’s continued to give me independence but is never far away when I need advice.

If you are having a bad day, she will encourage you. If you’ve accomplished a goal, she will praise you. She listens. She prays. She cares.

If there is one earthly being I aspire to be like more, it is my mother.

On my wedding day she gave me a journal that she had been writing me since I was a baby. Notes and letters and stories and recounting my childhood to me- sweet memories I would not know about were they not documented for me to read.

While this is no hand written journal, I wanted to document the love, respect, and honor I have for my mother. My best friend.

Happy 50th birthday

Love you, Momma.


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Can’t do it!

I can’t do it!

I can’t just quit blogging about Brooklyn. Haha. I had all these huge intentions of refocusing my blog on more “serious” topics, but my life is now about raising this child – so, I don’t want to ignore that nor do I think I can, because I’ve tried!

I’ve sat down to write so many times, and just can’t get anything that makes sense to come out. I’ve paced around my house, continuously stared at the screen, chatted with various people about writing, and I am still stuck when it comes to anything other than my kid! And I mean HELLO, she is precious. I could talk about her all day long (and I do).

So, I started 3 posts, and I really just can’t finish them. Yet. I don’t know if I’m having writer’s block, or what, but I just don’t have anything to post – except about my girl!

So, here are some updates:

B is talking all the time. She wants to repeat the last word of every sentence I say. It is hilarious. She talks and talks and talks, and I have no idea what she is saying half the time, but hunny she is going to tell you something. I talk to her throughout the day, and I’m sure that would be quite a sight for any onlooker, because hello – I talk to her like an adult and she basically speaks back in chinese. “doodle (her newest nickname) what the heck are you saying?” “ahhh da da la mar mar ball no no no no mar mar bye!” “umm okay :)”

She loves to dance. You can ask her to dance and she still does her shoulder leaning and now adds a bounce. She loves music. Sometimes she will “sing”, but for the most part she just wants to bust a move {her father’s child…}.

She is really into biting lately. Not cool. She likes to bite me, specifically. She really knows how to pull a fast one, “brooklyn can I have a kiss?” … [cute face approaching, big open mouth cute kiss coming…. CHOMP]. Ugh.

She is becoming more independent while playing with her toys. Her favorite toy is this teapot that sings songs. I want to throw it out a window. It is cute. Her “uncle” John and “aunt” Whitney got it for her, so I look forward to repaying that favor whenever their time comes to have kids.

She got a new toy the other day from her friend Hannah who was getting rid of some of her “baby” toys. It’s basically the creepiest toy you could imagine. It’s kind of like a furby, mixed with a tamagatchi, and it looks like a teletubby. It’s called a fijit. http://www.fijitfriends.com/ See, isn’t it creepy? The other day I was just minding my business and it said “if you’re there TALK TO ME”, like, that little thing yelled at me. That might go out the window for real. But not really, Joseph and I have played with it more than Brooklyn, :/. Just bein’ real.

She is walking really well. She went from a few steps, to looking like she was intoxicated all the time, to stable walking. Is running next? Sweet Lord give me energy.

She’s internally a diva. Not real sure how we’ll combat that one. She has a love for the word “no”, and rolls her eyes. At 14 months. Bless her.

I feel like a broken record when I say I never knew how much I would love her, but it still rings true. I love our days together, and when I am away from her I am constantly hoping she is having fun and is safe.

Our family joined the Y, so that has been great for Joseph and I as far as our health is concerned and Brooklyn has been LOVING their childcare. She is happy every time I get her and practically leaps out of my arms when I drop her off. I missed a day at the gym last week and one of the teachers said she missed seeing B’s smiling face, warmed my heart.

Until next time, <;3.

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