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Hello blog world, I’ve missed you!

This will be my last Brooklyn post for awhile, maybe an update here or there, but no more monthly posting (and honestly, I forgot to do months 10 and 11, whoops!), but I did want to write a post about B turing a year old!

I hope that one day she will read my thoughts and details on what she was up to and find it amusing at the least.

Her one year appointment went great! She was such a trooper during the shots and measured in length around 30 inches (don’t remember the exact, but it’s in the baby book) which put her around 90th percentile for height and her weight was 20lbs which put her in 50th percentile. We have a long and lean little beauty on our hands.

Brooklyn has been learning to do all kinds of new things, here is what she has been up to:

~ she is walking several steps at a time

~ sleeping through the night (WHAT IN THE WORLD, IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!! <3)

~ trying to repeat everything we say, earlier I said “that sucks!” and she said “sucks” 😦 oops. I need to watch what I say!!!

~ she says several words that she actually “knows” (places them correctly for objects or people or routine): ma ma, da da, night night, bye, hi, Mere (aunt meredith), ball, doggy, NO!, all done, up

~ words that she says repeatedly that we have no idea what they mean: shu-shu, hop-i-tee, doy-doy …. I am sure these mean something to her, but we call it her Chinese language

~ standing in the bathtub is her new favorite thing [and one of my worst nightmares].

~ she dances ALL the time. Most of her dancing looks like The Bernie and the Shoulder Lean. I think before she slept through the night she was hiding out listening to hip-hop. Or she just emulates her parents when we are acting ridiculous, either way she learned it somewhere.

~ she gives hugs! usually she will only give a hug to mommy or daddy or Pop Pop (my dad..she always reaches for him!) but if you are lucky and she’s feeling nice you might get some love, too.

We had a birthday party for her a few weeks ago and you can see some pics of the day here: http://bposhphoto.blogspot.com/2012/07/brooklyns-first-birthday.html

She had no idea what to do with the cake, mainly she just looked at us like, “why?”

First birthday parties are kind of stressful, by the way! Joseph and I went back and forth on if we would have a party for her. By that I mean I kept saying we should have a party and he kept saying we shouldn’t. I won. BUT by the end of the party I kind of wanted to go to him like a puppy with my tail between my legs because I was slightly overwhelmed but all in all it will be a good memory for me and Brooklyn has loved all of her gifts! A win for sentiment and fun. For those that don’t know, all of the family (both sides) lives local- so that’s like 372 people to invite.  So anyways, by the time 65 people in our family were invited, we were like: oh wait, our house is how many square feet? Thankfully it wasn’t too hot outside and we set up a few quilts and chairs outside for everyone to enjoy some strawberry lemonade, snacks, and then ice cream sundaes. I realized how loved Brooklyn was while her party was going on. A lot of people made time for that girl in their schedule, as her Momma that really makes my heart all warm and soft and happy. She is so blessed to have so many people that genuinely love her.

Thanks for reading all my monthly postings on our sweetie, I’ll look forward to updating on Brooklyn whenever appropriate but for the next little bit…back to topical writing.


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