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Brooklyn – 7 Months Old!

Before I give an update on B, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ROB MCGUIRT aka Daddy! So thankful you are my dad. I love you!

Ok, Miss B is 7 months old today. We have had an absolutely lazy day as Mom has been sick. So, B spent her day watching me cough and sneeze and lay on the couch and try to engage with her while she is busting out of the seams with energy.

She seems to have lost a little weight lately, I think because she is cruising around so much. She isn’t quite crawling but she scoots and rolls and lunges herself to wherever she wants to go. She will get up on her knees and rock a lot, and a few times has scooted while on her knees but for the most part she does all of this rolling and scooting business on her belly. She’s so determined.

We have a “jumper” that hangs on the door frame and she jumps and jumps and jumps all the time.

She has three teeth now, I just found the third one yesterday. 🙂 All on the bottom, so I feel for sure she will get some top teeth soon.

She eats pretty much anything I will give her (and always wants more). She still prefers veggies over fruits and has a love for puffs. Her favorite foods seem to be sweet potatoes, squash, mac and cheese, and apple with blueberry. Today we tried baby yogurt, peach flavored, and it was a success. She is able to pick puffs up on her own and 9/10 times get the puff in her mouth. Sometimes I will still find one in her chair or diaper.

We are still cloth diapering and that is going well. For anyone that cares I’ve preferred bum genius 3.0 velcro instead of snap. I have some snap but she occasionally leaks out of those. We have the kind with inserts, I do have one all-in-one diaper but again, she has leaked out of it…so I don’t keep her in it for long when she wears that one.

She fits in anywhere from 6-9 mo pants and 9-12 mo shirts (more for the length than for filling it out).

She has started saying gagagagagagaga all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. (Cannot wait for the ma ma ma ma to start)

Brooklyn has been going to sleep around 730-830p and typically sleeps until 5-6a, eats and then goes back down for another hour or so. I am continually thankful for this.

I’ve noticed her trying to communicate and respond to me a lot more. Today she was grunting for some more puffs and I showed her the sign language sign for “more” and after a few tries she gave me somewhat of a similar sign and stopped with the grunting nonsense. She seemed thrilled with herself when I rewarded her with what she wanted.


Smart girl.

Her fuzz head is growing fast and I’m hoping I can get a bow in it soon!

I fall more in love with her everyday. I did not know that was possible. I’m so proud of her in so many ways and I hope that I make her proud as a mom through the years. She loves to grab my face and give me kisses (big, opened mouth, wet, slobbery kisses on my whole cheek), I don’t think I will ever get tired of those little eyes lighting up when I say “give me a kiss!!”. That little June Bug is so special to me.


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