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I have let time slip away from me a little (ok, I get a little break right?? It was just a busy time of year!). B is now 6 and a half months old (as of tomorrow)!

We had her check-up and she is excelling in all areas she needs to be! Dr. Craig thought it was nuts she had two teeth that had grown in so much already (the look on his face when I said they were there at 4 months was pretty funny). She was smiley the whole visit to the doctor, and didn’t even flinch or cry when she got her shots.

She is rolling EVERYWHERE. We were in her nursery earlier playing on the floor, I left to go change out the clothes in the laundry room and by the time I was back she had rolled herself over to her bookshelf and was chewing on it. She eats everyting.”Everything is for eating!” she says. Not really. She doesn’t say anything yet. But she does try and put everything in her mouth.

She is in the 75% for her weight, and 90% for her height (length?).

She eats and loves all types of baby food. I would say her favorite is sweet potatoes or squash.

She has started interacting with people a lot more, even babies. She claws her cousin in the face pretty often. She’s smiling when she does this so I see it as a term of endearment. I am sure Meredith doesn’t. 🙂

B and Marley are pals. She laughs and reaches for him whenever he is around. He still tries to lick her any chance he gets. BFF’s I tell ya.

Brooklyn had a great first Christmas, she enjoyed eating all of the wrapping paper and playing in her gift bags.

She has a new-found love for jumping. She will jump jump jump until she can’t jump anymore.

I can’t wait to hear “ma ma ma ma ma” come out of her mouth. I’m not thinking we are close to that.

Cloth diapering is going well! I seriously love it. We have saved hundreds of dollars so far!!

Also, DRUM ROLL PLEASE….She is also sleeping through the night!!!!!! This has been such a welcomed change! I was getting very tired of everyone telling me (even though I know they meant well) to get her in her crib or telling me yet another way to try and get her to sleep (cereal before bed, night time routine, waking her up from her daytime naps…etc). I just didn’t want anyone else telling me what to do or making me feel bad that I wasn’t comfortable with moving her yet. Then I reached out for some advice from another mom who I feel is level-headed and wouldn’t just give me a bunch of fluff or make me feel judged but offer some actual “hey we’ve been there” advice. And lo and behold some practical advice from Christen Naish is what made all the difference. June Bug now sleeps in her crib, snug as a bug, for about 9 hours :). She wakes up every once in awhile but usually puts herself back to sleep within 5-10 minutes. (I probably owe Christen a million dollars, or something)

Loving it.

Until 7 months….much love from the Rinaldi’s.



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