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The sweet little peach is 5 (and some change) months old!

I fall in love with her more and more each day.

She’s been up to a lot lately….trying to sit, trying to crawl, chomping on everything, chatting all the time, and STILL not sleeping great :).

Since there isn’t a doctor visit this month, I don’t have any stats to update on. She still seems so long to me, her length fits 9mo clothes best…but she doesn’t quite fill out 6mo clothes, so finding outfits gets creative. 🙂

Brooklyn is totally smitten with her dad. Usually in the evenings while I’m fixing dinner or cleaning up dinner she will hang out with him and he gets the biggest giggles out of her.

I’ve noticed a little separation anxiety starting (for her, not me…I’ve had it all along, haha), but hopefully we jump over that hurdle quickly.

December is going to be RIDICULOUSLY busy for all of us. On December 17th alone we have: a family function, a graduation party, a youth party, a friend’s holiday gathering, and Brooklyn turns 6 months old. Other days in December seem just as jammed pack. Good thing the girl has a lot of “Christmas clothes”.

Speaking of Christmas, Brooklyn and her cousin got some holiday photos done…I’ve only seen the sneak peaks and they are GREAT! Do you need family photos done??  You’ve got to check out Brittany Porter (she also did my bridals) : http://bposhphoto.blogspot.com/

I’m pretty tired so I’m gonna wrap this up, I’ll update in a few weeks when we’ve gone to her 6 mo appt. 🙂

Much love!


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