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Brooklyn was 4 months old as of Monday. We headed to the doctor Tuesday and she did great.

She was all smiles with Dr. Craig and let out some giggles too. Poor thing, she had no idea the shots were coming. She was a champ with them, though. She just let out a little cry and then was back to her happy self.

Four month stats –

15.8 lbs – 90th percentile

25 1/4 inches – 90th percentile

Great control of her neck/head

Rolls from tummy to back

Tries to sit alone, but can only manage it for a few seconds

“Talks” ALL the time. Laughs at/with her dad. She gives the biggest smiles for Joseph. Sometimes I’m jealous 🙂

Naps 3-4 times a day, depending if we are out and about or not. Usually from 9ish-11ish, 1-145ish, 6ish-7ish, and then maybe another 20 minute nap at any given time of day.

Sleeps in 4-5 hour spurts at night, but her pediatrician said since she’s growing so well that I can try and push her thru the night without feeding her, may take a few days for her to get the picture but I’m going to try. Last night we only got up once for a feeding, but she still woke up a couple of times just moving around or trying to chat.

She feeds about every 2-3 hours. Because of her reflux, it’s hard to stretch her more than 3 hours…because she just can’t stay full that long because of how frequently she spits up. But that is getting much better. So, maybe by 5 months she’ll feed every 4 hours 🙂

Other than milk, she has tried (and liked) rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, carrots, peaches, squash, apples. I don’t think the extra food really sustains her any longer, but I’m just enjoying her getting used to a spoon and different tastes/textures.

She is a doll to have around. I am really loving getting to know her personality. She seems to be really outgoing in the sense that she hasn’t yet met a stranger, she will go to anyone fairly easy. She’s probably too young to be a daddy’s or momma’s girl, but she sure does flash those big smiles at Joseph.

She has just started noticing Marley, and that is pretty hilarious to watch them both (try to) interact.

Other than watching the babe grow up, Joseph and I had our first date the other night. We decided to stay in instead of go out, and it was nice that we could both eat without holding a baby or having to leave the table to go settle her. We ate dinner and then watched a movie. I kind of got “mom nerves” towards the end and was ready to go get her from her GiGi, but we did enjoy our evening.

I’ve been awaiting the arrival of my nephew, he should be here in the next 2-3 weeks, looking forward to meeting that sweet boy!

Lastly, on a selfish note, if you haven’t become a fan of my brother-in-law on Facebook, check out his fan page – he has his 5th professional MMA fight coming up in November! You don’t want to miss it!


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