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Brooklyn – 3 Months Old!

Hi ya, time for the 3 month post!

Month 2 to 3 has possibly been the most stressful of all, but we are starting to see a light at the end of the chaos for now.

After 2 month shots, I feel like Brooklyn was never the same! She was on a good 3 hour eating schedule and would go four to five hours sleeping at night. After that 2 month appointment, I was lucky to get her to eat between 1.5-2 hour spurts during the day and 2-3 hours at night. I mean. Really. Exhaustion to the fullest.

About a week after her appointment I felt like she was being nuts beyond belief. I felt terrible for her. She would cry and cry and eat and eat and this was no growth spurt, as it went on for 11 days. So, that brought us back to the doctor. She had developed and upper respiratory infection. Poor doll.

We were on the mend from that mess and then she started this little battle with me when I was trying to feed her. Arching her back. Screaming til she was red. Everything under the sun that makes a mom’s heart hurt. So…that brought us back to the doctor. The kid has reflux and TWO teeth coming in. What in the world. That poor child. Bless her.

This was last week that we went to the doctor and found out about the reflux and teeth. She was put on children’s Zantac for the reflux and the teething just gets some love and occasional orajel or tylenol. I was a teeny bit happy about the doctor visit since it was so close to 3 months, because I wanted to know how much she weighed. My little heffer was 13 lbs 10 oz. She is one chunk. And I love it!!!

The Zantac seems to be working, she still has moments where she refuses to eat, but we have had significantly less fussiness and she doesn’t seem to be in as much pain as she was. Praise the Lord.

So let’s talk about what all she’s learned to do…and then I’ll wrap up with the blessing of sleep story.

Three month coolness:

~ “Chatting” all the time. Still favors the “awww” sound. I’ve heard her try to make other noises “mmm”, gaaaa”, and “HAHA” yep, that is right. That cutie let out a belly laugh and it was hilarious. We have only caught her doing it like one other time. The other night she was laughing at my sisters little weenie dog. If you saw her you would too (sorry, Minnie!).

~ Holds head up steady

~ Picks her head and feet up while laying on her back

~ Rolls over from tummy to back, rocks on back but hasn’t mastered rolling over yet.

~ Has a mommy attachment. Really, Joseph can hold her and she will cry and I hold her the same way and she is fine. Weirdo. But, she won’t watch TV with me, yet she will sit for an hour on her dad’s lap and watch football.

~ Tried Rice Cereal, loves it. Eats it everyday.

~Tried carrots, hates them. Tried them again, couldn’t get enough.

So yes, I tried rice cereal and baby food before you’re “supposed” to, but whatever – she’s a hungry girl.


Ok so Wednesday my girlfriend Sarah called me to check-in on Brooklyn’s reflux because her daughter has been battling this for a long time and she understands the frustration and helpless feeling. We got to talking about sleep and I was telling her I just feel like I’m never going to have a full nights sleep. Anyways, Wednesday night Brooklyn slept thru the night (7 1/2 hours). I got up like three times to make sure she was breathing, haha. So last night I was really nervous to go to bed, but the kid slept 11 hours only waking one time!!! What in the world. Bless her heart she’s needed some rest! And I have too. And her dad has needed a sane woman as his wife again, lol.

She is sleeping right now, and looks pretty peaceful. Hoping this trend continues.

In other news, my sister’s baby Mr. London Starr will be here before we know it!! She has just 6ish weeks left!!! Can’t wait to meet that little prince. My hope is he is bald, chubby, and clumsy. Because that would be my ideal boy. It’s nice to be the non-pregnant one and return some love that was given to me when I was expecting. She’s in the rough stages now and I enjoy just checking in on her hoping it brings a little light to her day like it did to mine when she would check on me.

Welp, that’s it for this update. Until next time…



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