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Brooklyn was two months old yesterday, and we had a very fun day.

We relaxed at home, saw Maw Maw Betty, Dee Dee, and Aunt Tracy, then met Lisa Tucker at Chick-fil-a.

This girl changes so much, and I know I’m a total “first time mom” for being excited and talkative about all of it, but…get over it. 🙂

So, here are some fun facts:

Weight – 11 lbs 12 oz, 75% percentile

Height – 23 inches (although I beg to differ…the nurse didn’t get her fully stretched), 75% percentile

She can now hold her head up when she’s having tummy time, pic included below.

She loves to kick her legs, Maw Maw Soup says she’s “riding her bicycle” when she does this, hehe.

She coos a lot, the most common sound she makes sounds like “awwww”.

She sneezes three times, without fail, and typically throws in a fake sneeze at the end. Trying really hard to get that on video.

She makes eye contact and now can follow my voice with her eyes as I move around the room.

Her brother loves to try and lick her feet. hehe. Grandparents – we don’t let him get too close, don’t worry.

She is STRONG. She kicks and punches all the time (fist pump, yeah!). When we hold her she extends her legs as if she is standing on our laps.

She can’t quite figure out what to do when Joseph’s chest hair…so she usually pulls it or tries to lick it, weirdo.

She now loves being in the bath, but doesn’t like when I lift her out to put her in her towel…I think that’s when it hits her she is “cold”.

She sleeps a lot better! She will usually go for a five hour stretch (the other night we got a 6 hour!) between 9-10, then when she is up around 2-3 she will eat and fall back asleep until 5-6. I’ve noticed she eats about every 2-3 hours during the day instead of a solid 3 hours, which is fine by me…it’s getting us more sleep at night 🙂

We are getting out of the house more and more, I find that when we are out and about she seems to get hungry before she would at home…which I attribute to the change in atmosphere and more stimulation.

Enjoy the pics of my two month girl 🙂

She’s a professional DJ, so sick on the beats she can spin them in her sleep.  


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