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38 weeks

Ok I’ve been kind of a crappy updater. Sorry. 🙂

I’m kind of tired or irritable all the time. But trying to keep my good spirits up. Bless my husband for making me laugh and understanding how hard the end of the road is for a pregnant woman.

ALSO, for everyone that said “you’re lucky you’re delivering early June – you’ll miss out on those high 90 temps!” you were wrong. It’s hot. Not your fault. But, 98 degrees is not fun or comfortable. Also it’s making me itch like CRAZY. But, I think I’m almost getting used to the itch. Which is semi-good, semi-sad. Ha.

OK now that my little rant is out, let’s get on to some fun or exciting things.

We had a WONDERFUL weekend, celebrating the marriage of Melissa and Toby. They are great friends of ours – they are heading to Ohio to minister to church up there and while we are excited for them, I am selfishly sad, too! I tried to get my groove on at their wedding, but I’m sure it was more comical than cute. I mean, close to 180lbs of momma and baby trying to groove – not exactly the easiest thing in the world. But I did jam to some Hanson when it came on, and the cha-cha slide. Plus Joseph and I slow danced, which was also funny 🙂

After wedding festivities we went to Church on Sunday and my Sunday School girls brought me cupcakes and some goodies for Brooklyn. It was sweet ! We finished the day having lunch with good friends and then at night we might have indulged in some cold stone ice cream – because why wouldn’t you?

Monday was Memorial Day and we relaxed all morning then went to my parents for some pool time (for the girls), relaxing / reading / napping (for the boys), then a cookout and laughter for all. I did not realize how awesome it was to be in a pool while it is hot and while you are pregnant.

So, since I found my new-found happy place I solicited my pool plopping services on facebook yesterday and was welcomed by Mrs. Tanner to join her for the afternoon at the pool. Ahhh, refreshment.

I am working half-days now which seems to be helping with my swelling, and gives me a lot more cuddle time with Marley who is soon to no longer be party of 1 as far as children in the Rinaldi family. He’s so curious about everything that is hers. He carries her clothes around sometime (which then I have to rewash…so yes, I’ve got them put up now and out of his reach), he sniffs her crib and carseat and stroller. He peeks in her room, too. They are going to be best friends.

I have a doctor appt on Friday I’ll be 38 1/2 weeks, so we’ll see if I’ve had any progress. So far not too much to speak of…infrequent contractions occasionally and a few other things, so just playing the waiting game.

Basically everything at the house is ready – thanks to my mom and sister for cleaning our house last week! Her nursery is all “put together” thanks to Joseph and some people previously mentioned in the blog. The last couple of things are: getting the car seat in the car, getting the glider together.

Most of my stuff is packed for the hospital, and I’m trying to decide what to take for her to come home in…I will probably go with more practical than cute, because that is just how I am…and if it happens to be cute, that is just a bonus. SO, maybe I will pack a few things – and decide at the hospital, since I don’t know what size she will be?

I think that is about it as far as baby updates go.

Love to all.


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