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3rd Trimester Survey

A little survey for my readers, thanks for continuing to read 🙂

How far along?  35 weeks and some change

What was the first thing you bought for your baby? Oh goodness, I don’t remember, maybe some bibs (side note, it took me a total of two minutes to figure out what “bibs” are called, pregnancy brain…)

Total weight gain/loss?  Total…gain of around 26-28, it has been fluctuating here towards the end.

How are the maternity clothes? Thankful I haven’t had to buy a ton, *thanks friends!* I am tired of wearing the same things over and over.

Stretch marks? Present and accounted for. Consumed with PUPPP (google if you dare). Pray for me,y’all. 😦

How’s the sleep? Sleep is up and down. I don’t sleep soundly, but I do sleep a few good hours here and there, wake up for a little bit and then fall back asleep. I am very uncomfortable so that is what makes sleep hard, not dealing with insomnia – thankful for that.

Best moment this week? Spent some quality time with Joseph, always a favorite.

Movement? She’s a ninja. She likes to push herself into small places and then punch or kick somewhere on the other side of where she’s curled up.

Have you taken a birthing class? We have a series we are taking next weekend (20-21), slightly intimidated – don’t want to watch a video :/

Type of delivery you’re planning on? No planned C-Section or anything, but I will be getting an epidural.

Biggest change in your body besides belly? My brain (or lack of?) haha. 🙂 Physically though? Probably the swelling in my ankles.

Food cravings? None. Still enjoy cold things (pass the ice cream…)

Gender? Female

Labor Signs? Not really any that I know of. Early labor signs are so variable that it would be hard to pin point them at this point. I do feel pressure in my back and hips, and I am in the bathroom every couple seconds…haha.

Belly Button in or out? It’s more so flat. Which is weird.

What are you missing? All the vanities: being tan, a thinner face, getting my hair done. But, those are all good things for me to process out of my life as things that make me “feel” good. Although yeah – it does make you feel good, you start to gain a new appreciation for being a women when you look completely pregnant and your husband still tells you you’re pretty

What are you looking forward to? Dressing Brooklyn in her cute outfits, smelling baby sunscreen on her during summer time, hugging her, letting Marley meet her, getting into shape (a shape other than round…), eating a hotdog!

Other Updates? Wanting to blog about the nursery soon, so stay tuned!! Hoping to crank that out this weekend. My dad finished painting, Joseph and his good friend John put together the crib, Joseph and his dad moved the furniture in, and my mom is coming over tomorrow night to help me organize 🙂

A little over 4 weeks left…if she shows on time. ❤


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