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So, I’m on a break at work.

This may or may not be the fastest blog I’ve ever typed- I have so much to say, and only 15 minutes to say it. So, this is either really going to be terrible or God will supernaturally give me crazy word-per-minute typing skills.

I’m getting pretty annoyed, and trying to find a positive way for it to not EAT at my brain, so here I am blogging. Take it. Or leave it. I prefer you take it. But, whatever.

So, what is up with the showiness of Christianity lately? OR maybe not lately, just in general. I wonder if social-networking about your Faith has become so trendy that we forget our Faith should still exist away from the screen. Christ should still be in your life more than just in facebook notes and blogs. This Trend-ianity is getting out of control (in my opinion, do I need to say in my opinion? It’s my blog, of course it is my opinion…).

I’m so tired of people writing so publically about their faith on social networks and then seeing their life being NOTHING like that in their actual lives.

DISCLAIMER: Some of you will read this blog as if I am saying “do not be public about your faith, especially on social network sites”….if you walk away from this blog thinking that is what I’m saying…read it at least 6 more times.

My actual heart in this blog is that if our church body (as the body of Christ, not as my personal church) were as much in our word or as much about God as we show ourselves to be on facebook/twitter/blogging then you would see an awakening in the church that it isn’t about us. But it still seems to me that so many think it is about them and they are eager for people to notice their efforts in their spiritual journey via social networking so that someone can give them an “amen!” or a “you said it!” instead of living out that life and having people observe by actions and not just by words.

I just am at a point where I would love to punch a few people and say “guess what? doesn’t matter how many Bible verses you throw on your status- when you are not living them when you walk away from the computer- no one gives a crap, and I don’t really think that impresses God.”

Also if you are a Christian you are allowed to say crap. Trust me.

Where is your REAL faith? Because what you are when you walk away from your cute Christian social-network life is not an ALTERNATE side of you, it IS you. Our society these days (am I sounding like I’m 65? don’t care) is so consumed with technology that I really think people forget that they are an actual person, with true actions, that really define them. We are just words on a screen sometimes and think that as long as we type the right words, our life away from the words doesn’t matter. I am a fan of words. I’m a writer. But words on a screen not followed by a life of action is a bunch of malarkey. Don’t ask me to define malarkey. And don’t spell check it, I’m not.

My point is (and I know, it seems like I’m complaining…) I feel like I think Jesus felt on the day he was at the temple seeing people misuse its purpose and he literally flipped out. We are temples. We are misusing our purpose. We are supposed to GO and BE the disciples. Not TYPE and TWEET of our intentions without action. So that doesn’t mean a status saying “prayin for my friend, ya’ll” if you aren’t praying for them. Stop making notes on facebook about self-less love for others when you’re judging others when you walk away from the computer. Stop blogging about your trust in God when you worry constantly away from the screen. Quit tweeting Bible verses if you aren’t in your Bible.

It’s great to talk about Jesus, but it’s also great (and in my opinion more spiritually healthy) to be REAL with where you are with Jesus.

If you deal with being judgmental, if you deal with being unfaithful, if you deal with worrying, if you deal with not being in the Word then just take a second and “Be Still”. You know, like the Bible says.

None of this non-sense needs to happen where you feel like you have to cover up who you really are. God takes the broken, and heals. If you can’t admit you are broken, you leave no room for God to be a part of your life – because what needs fixing if you are perfectly whole at all times? God uses the humble and through them His name is made great. Not yours. So…if you aren’t allowing yourself to be humble, you’re missing out on the greater reward of Him being seen through your life than you having to remind everyone how much God is in your life.

The Bible doesn’t say “Be still, and go tweet about how you’re being still”, “Go fast, and then go facebook note about how you don’t need food because your cup overfloweth with God’s sustaining sustainability”. Don’t read me wrong here – If you are being still, that is AWESOME. If you are fasting and God is sustaining you that is AWESOME. But if you are doing those things only to just throw them up for people to think “man s/he has it going on” or for people to envy you, look up to you, or recognize you at all- then stop. It isn’t about us. It’s about Jesus.

Check your motives.

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

15 minutes up people. Thanks for listening.


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honestly, it is a million degrees in my office.

that may be a slight fabrication.

it is so hot that I was hardly able to hit the shift + i to make that a capitol I.

people. I am preggo and the a/c is not workin. what to do, what to do.

tomorrow, I may bring a fan to work. or a small kiddie pool. although I think my boss would appreciate the fan attempt first.

not much new to update on brooklyn. she’s growing at a good pace, her head is positioned down, she squirms all the time. at my last appt I measured a week early (putting her arrival right about Joseph’s bday – June 9), but no change of due date yet.

we had a baby shower with our family that I am wanting to blog about, but I want to blog about my showers at one time…so that post will not come until later. ooo Pop Pop (aka rob aka dad) painted the nursery and it looks MARVELOUS. almost ready to move her things into. speaking of her things: marley thought brooklyn’s stuffed giraffe was his stuffed giraffe. he was wrong. sanitize. sanitize. sanitize. that will be my life for the next un-countable days.

love to all – and can I get some a/c????

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Little B and the mouse

Welp, she finally has a name.

I’ve wanted to name her for awhile, but you know how that goes…or maybe you don’t. They have to live with their name for the rest of their life. So, it’s a bit of a process.

We discovered this name a few weeks ago and have been mulling over it since.

Brooklyn June Rinaldi.

I can’t remember who suggested Brooklyn – myself or Joseph, but I love it. I like that it is easily recognizable and easy to pronounce, but you most likely don’t know 1235 Brooklyns. Also yes, it’s Brooklyn, not Brooke. Thanks.

June. That little name is too cute.

If you’re my facebook friend or read my blog, ever, then you know I’ve been referring to little B as June-bug for quite some time now. Well, if the girlfriend didn’t have a name I needed to be able to call her something other than “her” “she” “girl” “baby”. Those words get worn out really quick. So, since she is supposed to arrive in June and she squirms like a bug all day long…it only made since to call her June-bug. Joseph and I were discussing middle names for Brooklyn and he suggested June and I LOVED it so much. It has a little sweet spot in my heart, plus it is timeless (hello, names of months don’t exactly go out of style, plus- June Clever and her pearls never go out of style).

Anyways, that’s the skinny on her name.

Now, for some other updates:

~ Weight gain is right on track, I’m up about 22lbs total so far, with 9 weeks left I should be right in my weight gain range by the time I deliver (between 30-32lbs). It feels weird to see the 170’s on the scale, but such is life, right?

~Eating is getting weird. I am hungry often, but after a few bites I feel like I just ate Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner all at one time. Guess my stomach is squished. No surprise there.
~I often feel like Brooklyn has a pet mouse with her because I see things squirm across my belly. It’s weird and cool. Well, cool to me.

~Swelling has decreased some since I’ve upped my liquid intake and try and prop my feet whenever possible.

~Braxton Hicks are in full force and it is weird to feel my belly get hard as a rock. Super weird.

~I don’t even remember what sleep is like. I sleep for a few hours at a time, but nothing consistent or refreshing. It’s a combination of not being able to find a comfortable position and being too hot. Toss and turn and toss and turn. Whatever.

~Joseph leaves for Philly this coming Saturday thru the following Friday, it will be interesting to see how me and my 50lb lap dog and squirmy baby plus her mouse do while he is gone. I’m slightly nervous but have recruited some people to come stay with me at night so that I can have a little bit of help.

~Pop Pop aka Rob McGuirt is going to be painting the nursery next week, so that is SUPER exciting! We already have her crib, so after the paint fumes cease the crib will be put together and then all we will need is our mattress and bedding and she will have a place to sleep when she arrives!

            ~side note on the bedding: I found the cutest baby Lion King bedding at Babies R Us, to any normal person this may not be a big deal, but my off-the-wall hyper husband has a favorite movie and that movie is Lion King. He frequently busts into Lion King’s epic ballads…so I look forward to that continuing throughout Brooklyn’s babyhood. She is going to be Nala and Marley is going to be Simba. 🙂

I think those are the main updates for now.

Love to all,

Lyss + B + the mouse

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