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Sacred Friendship.

Let me just tell you how much I needed my lunch break today.

Ok, so I’ve been feeling pretty emotional lately (what’s that you say? Yes, I know I’m always emotional. Ok I mean I’ve been exceptionally emotional.)

I’m trying to wrap my brain around having  a baby enter our lives while trying to remember to wrap my arms around my husband and remind him I love him mid-meltdown that I have ever three to eight seconds while all the while trying to remember if I wrapped some foil around the left-overs from last night. There’s a lot of things that need to be grasped at this point {future things to come: baby, not forgetting the present: growing my marriage, remembering the little things: leftovers} and I’ve needed a little balance.

I think when we, as Christians, need a little reality check or breath of fresh air we look to a couple of things: the Bible, family, and friends.

 I talk to God throughout the day about all these things in my head and I call my mom/dad/sisters often as well. Obviously Joseph get’s almost every important and passive thought that runs through my head because at home I tend to just walk around talking all the time.

So, I guess I’ve been lacking in that friend area.

I do have friends, but different times of life call for different types of friends. I’ve really needed to just talk to someone who can relate to these things I’m going through. Most of the friends I have I talk to sparingly, due to a lot of them being newlyweds or in college, or honestly – some of them just are terrible at being friends…so I’ve been a little down about that. Being married and pregnant in a short time span, there are plenty of females I know in the same walk I’m in right now…but on my lunch break today I realized how much I was in need of someone that has already been where I am…not experiencing it at the same time as me – pregnant people tend to get on other pregnant people’s nerves, so I’m gathering.


I went to eat at Chick-fil-A today…a little nervous to sit and be alone with my thoughts again. I hadn’t planned to go out to eat today, but one situation led to another and hey I’m by myself at lunch.

I walked in, glanced up and low and behold I see one of my favorite people and role models, Amy Boyles. I couldn’t even say her name out loud I was so excited to see her I lost my voice I think…I just walked over to her and gave her a hug, and the hello back from her was so comforting.

I knew I went to Chick-fil-A for a reason.

She had somewhere to be but took time to sit down with me…see how I was doing…see how my marriage was…and be excited about the baby with me. She didn’t tell me what kind of clothes to buy, if I should have an epidural or not, what her thoughts on breast-feeding were, or why I shouldn’t buy this or that product.

 We chit chatted for about a half  hour about what I’m feeling and what she felt when she was in my shoes (our lives are pretty similar, although we are several years apart- I am pretty sure we have one of the most sacred friendships I’ve ever had). It felt so comforting to have someone saying “Oh yeah, I felt that” and “I remember that, too” and also have the advice and encouragement…from a God fearing woman none-the-less.

When Amy was a new mom I took care of her first baby in daycare. I held that little Elizabeth during times I knew Amy wished she could (she was working…) and I am experiencing the same feelings I am all-but-sure Amy felt about leaving your baby with someone else. Now to think we are further along in life and Elizabeth is a big, smart Kindergartener and I am the new mom-to-be.

I love when God puts people together that He knows fit together like a glove.

I’m thankful for little reminders like today that God hears us when we say, “I need someone. Pronto. Or I’m going to pull my hair out.”


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