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I’m becoming thoroughly annoyed with myself.

I have a headache and I’m on my break at work. I want to read but I know I will get pulled into this book too much to be able to come back and focus at work. So, here I blog. I’m also annoyed because I can’t stop thinking about is this baby a BOY or GIRL!?

Not much longer. By February for sure.



– My PB&J for lunch was so delicious, I felt like I was five when I was eating it (it was even cut into a little circle with crinkled edges, don’t judge me)

– We have new furniture in our living room – it is awesome!

– Christmas was great, enjoyed food and family. Joseph and I visited 7 different places. We were very tired yesterday. Both of us went to bed around 8:30 I think.

– Favorite Christmas present? Food processer and that thing I can plug my phone up to my car to hear the music through the speakers (not sure what it is called).

– The closer I get to having this child, the more annoyed I get by other people’s parenting (mainly the lack-of parenting). Spare the rod, spoil the child…so the Bible says. Don’t let your kid be a brat. Please. My husband and I make “mental notes” when we get annoyed by such things…logging them for future use of things to and not to do.

– Marley got a new toy for Christmas from his Aunt Blair and Aunt Meredith. He ate it in less than 24 hours. Sorry tennis ball :/

– We didn’t send out Christmas cards, I’m not sure that we ever will. I like seeing other people’s cards…but I don’t really feel like a card sender myself.

– Everyone is asking for baby bump pictures, when it arrives I’ll let you know…nothing really to speak of at the moment.

Ok, that is about it. I have a doctor’s appt on Thursday, so if there is anything worth updating – I’ll let you know.



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I ate spaghetti last night, and didn’t get sick off of it.

Ok so Wednesday my momma was so kind to tell me she would make me anything that sounded good…I thought long and hard and said nothing really sounds good until about 10 minutes before I eat, but I was thankful for the offer.

Well, five minutes after I sent that email I thought hmmmm: spaghetti. So, she had planned to bring me spaghetti on Wednesday but circumstances did not allow…so my stomach had to wait until Thursday. Hmm, one whole day of waiting for something that actually sounded good, this did not seem like it would work. I was sure Thursday would come and the site or smell of spaghetti would have┬áme ready to tell my mom we can’t be friends anymore.

Thursday came and my dad brought me previously mentioned spaghetti to my work-place for me to enjoy last night for my dinner. That sweet lady also thru in salad, bread, and chocolate covered cookies filled with caramel. I enjoyed it. I didn’t get sick. I am eating it for lunch today, continuing to enjoy it.

I will eat spaghetti for 6 months if I have to.

Anyways, maybe there are some “I can actually handle being pregnant” days ahead, or at least “my husband doesn’t want to ask me what I did with his wife” days ahead, hehe.

I’m 14 weeks and three days, so there’s an update on that.

Other things I’m experiencing right now:
– My skin is breaking out like a 12 year old
– Crying, all the time. Not sad crying, just random.
– Forgetfulness, this may have been a trait all along my lifespan, but it has gotten slightly worse
– My sinuses feel like it is mid-April. Can’t breathe, stuffy, congested. I read this is normal. Oh well. I’ll take it anyday over throwing up
-Starting to see a slight baby-bump, if you tell me I’m “showing” though, you’re wrong…I have always had that situation going on. Thanks for noticing.

I can’t wait to find out the gender. I think I want a girl, Joseph wants a boy (he originally wanted a girl). Obviously we are excited either way.

I don’t really know what you people want to read as far as baby updates, so that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the 100% awesome meal, Momma.

Love, me and the baby

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