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Fifteen Minute Madness #3

Alright, on a break at work. Haven’t written in a bit. Let’s be serious, I really am not even making time to dry my hair (if appearance gives away personality, call me currently frazzled), so writing has been at the bottom of my list, too.

**CAUTION** Extreme honest pregnancy thoughts from here on out:

I feel like I cannot handle the way I feel, so thanks for watching my emotions unravel at the seems. Not that I want an audience to watch me when I feel so vulnerable, but I do enjoy the support and thoughtful “I’m thinking about you” little messages I get here and there from friends.

So, currently, the pregnancy emotions are in high gear. I am jealous and I am annoyed, and I am trying not to be.

I get jealous of every other person I know that is pregnant that is not sick. It makes me feel alone and different. I know everyone experiences it differently, and I know that once you get to the other side the little blessing waiting makes it all worth it. But, I’m a FIRST time mom, so that mom-bond that all you people saying that have, I don’t have yet…so pray for a sista’.

I am annoyed with the seventeen-thousand “quick fixes” that seem to work for others and not me. Not annoyed with the people that suggest them, so read that twice before you think I’m irritated with you. I have called my doctor probably a dozen times over the last few weeks and if I hear one more “well, have you tried this?” I am going to punch a wall or at least think about it. Even my anti-nausea medicine is making me nauseated. How’s that for irony? The newest thing I am trying is another type of vitamin instead of the prenatal vitamin I was on…which causes nausea (is there anything except water that doesn’t cause nausea?).

My husband has been #1 trooper. Cleaning, taking care of the dog, running errands, not talking about certain food in front of me…all things that I’m sure are tiring. But he is helping, and he is great. I love him.

My wonderful sleep that I could count on has been interrupted the past three nights by insomnia and nightmares, so that is probably adding to this overly complaining post. But hey, like the title of the blog says: take it or leave it.

I can’t wait for my posts to be full of positive thoughts, but until then, here is the real Rinaldi scoop.


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What better time to blog than when you’ve just received some of the biggest news of your life?

Well, I guess it was more along the lines of three weeks ago that we received this news, 🙂 but since we just shared it with the “facebook world”, I figure it is a good time to blog about it.

I don’t really know how much people care about someones pregnancy, so this seems to be the best avenue for sharing details – that way if you want to know, you will find your way to my blog..and if you don’t, well then ex out of the window my friend!

We found out about the baby the second week of October – pretty much as any person would 🙂 and three pregnancy tests later – positive. positive. positive. We were so excited we could hardly wait 24 hours to tell our parents.

I didn’t really have any signs leading up to this, other than noticing I had been pretty dizzy for a week or so before. I attributed this to the changing weather though, it sometimes effects my equilibrium.

We told our parents and siblings the day after we found out, and grandparents the following week. I went to the doctor for the first time on Oct 22 and had everything confirmed, there is definitely a baby on the way!

I have since felt the signs of pregnancy….and let me tell you, they aren’t the funnest thing in the world.

Morning sickness (by the way, it happens to be all day sickness, so whoever named it “morning” sickness is either a guy or never had it….). Morning sickness has been an every day battle. For someone who works a regular 40 hour a week job, it is increasingly difficult to try and feel better while also completing all I have to do in a days work. Thankfully I have a really supportive team who isn’t in my personal business when I have to leave my desk a few times a day.

Besides feeling constantly sick, I have had several food aversions. My first aversion was to french fries, and even typing that makes my stomach turn. Since then (about two weeks ago) I am noticing my variety of food that my body will accept decreases by the day. I have had a hard time keeping anything down today, but was finally able to eat a biscuit about three hours ago, but now even looking at the extras that I cooked is …not exactly sending me for seconds. Meat is out of the question, as are a lot of “themed” foods, i.e. Mexican, Chinese, etc.

The other main pregnancy symptom I feel is fatigue! I am a person who went to bed fairly early even before carrying a child inside of me, but adding that to the mix has me heading to bed between 730-830pm and usually sleeping through the night until about 630am.

I hear and read that the sickness symptoms should subside in the second trimester which I am only a few short weeks away from! I’m in my 9th week…so for those who don’t know about trimesters, the second one starts at the beginning of the 14th week.

Joseph and I are traveling to Connecticut to visit his family for Thanksgiving and I’m a little more than nervous about flying on a plane and being in an unfamiliar place while feeling like this, but that’s where I just have to trust God is going to take care of those worries and if I’m sick, I’m sick and if I’m well, I’m well.

We’re very excited to find out the sex of the baby, we have our first ultrasound on Dec 3, but will likely not know the sex of the baby until the beginning of January.

I don’t really have a preference whether we have a girl or a boy, I think I may feel a little more prepared if we have a girl…since I grew up with sisters. However, I did work in an daycare for 5 years and although the familiar phrase “you never know until you’ve been a parent” often crept through the corners of my daycare days…I always kind of wanted to say “have you ever changed 30 different kids diapers in the same day? or had a baby throw up on you right after another one had an explosive diaper that somehow got on your clothes? Didn’t think so!” (he he…this blog may be a little therapeutic for me) So, I’m already ahead of the game of things that won’t likely gross me out.

Another fun fact: the baby is the size of a green olive this week. I think it is SO weird that pregnancy books/material always compares the size of a baby to food when food is such a weird thing for a pregnant lady (what if you start to crave the item that your child is described as that week, that is semi-creepy to me…)

Alright, well …I guess I may update along the way, until then, thank you for all of the congrats and well wishes! 🙂

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