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I need a little writing therapy.

As a writer, you want to feel like you produce well researched writing. You’re given a subject to write on, or you think of an idea yourself, and you hope to give that topic justice. You hope people remember what you say.

I found a blog I will remember, but I can’t say it’s because they produced a great blog.

I was looking at some coupons we got in the paper this past Sunday. It’s my new favorite hobby. It might be my only hobby {besides “facebooking”}. Anyways, there was a coupon for Steak and Shake’s Wisconsin Buttery Burger and I was really curious what that even means… I mean, butter on a burger sounds gross. So, I wanted to look up a review. I typed in google to search for this weird burger and this guy’s blog was the first thing that popped up on the page.

I thought, I’m sure he is some widely known food critic that reviews delicious and disastrous food. However, in reading this blog, and several of his others I was so annoyed.

This guy knows as much about critiquing food as a five year old. Although the post about the burger I was interested in seemed to be informative, I went on to read several of his other posts. He says things like a certain sandwich is “good” or that it has “something more than mayonnaise but I’m not sure what”. My favorite line that I found from his was when he was reviewing the Subway Seafood Sensation, he says “Since I don’t frequent Subway all too often, I have no idea if this is a limited time offer, if the location I visited is unique in offering it, or what.”

Oh, my blogging friend, why would you not ask? At least build a little credibility if you know nothing about food… surely you know how to ask if this is a limited time or specific-to-restaurant offer.

Poor soul. Good luck with your blogging.

And as for Google, what is your ranking of websites based on? How did that make the number one choice for me to look at? I would google the answer to this question…but I’m not sure I would find something worth reading. 🙂


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