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Just got home from camp (well, I ate dinner first – come on, I needed some real food ha ha). The Lord was very present, as always, at Camp Paradise this year. I am so encouraged by all the students who made decisions for Christ as well as recognized areas of their lives they need to focus on.

Aside from God’s will being carried out through the presentation of his word by awesome speaker Jared Herd and wonderful worship from Exodus (band from Liberty University) there was a lot of fun had.

I’m very sleepy but I have to unpack and I have school work (rolls eyes) so I’ll leave you with a mini-Inside the Mind:

– Leaders Dance Party 09, off the charts in awesomeness

– Coach Snyder and Ceicel definitely give me the creeps

-Frostbite, ‘nough said

– 1 John, read it

– Lily Powers, favorite baby


live.love they’re gifts from above


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I was observing my kids at the daycare today, and I suddenly felt God teaching me a lesson. All of humanity needs to learn the lesson – yet because of the subject matter of the lesson itself, we never learn it. The lesson is learning restrain and overcoming habitual wrong doing.

While the kids were playing in centers today, one of my kids thru a toy at the wall. I called him down and told him not to throw toys at the wall. After walking away from me, he thru the toy at the wall. I think, consciously, to get a reaction for me. Secondly, because things we are held back from, we are continually tempted to engage in- so my correction became a source of temptation. So, after the second instance of throwing the toy into the wall, I sat him down and said that throwing the toy can be damaging to the property, God’s house ( the Church…), could injur another little boy or girl, and not only that – but doing something after your teacher has told you not to is disrespectful. Then, I said if he thru the toy again, he would have to sit in time-out, not able to play with any toys at all.

Of course, like a typical two-year-old, he walked away eyeing me the whole time. A good thirty seconds went by and he casually looked over his shoulder to see if I was still watching. I was. It was in this moment I began to see the lesson being taught to me, so I responded. I looked away from him, and within the five seconds I looked away THUD, the toy hit the wall.

We, myself included – myself especially, do this to God everyday! Whatever sin entangles you, or bad habit surrounds you, we take it to the next level. God guides us not to engage, and what do we do? Act out again. Then God leads  us to correction, explaining the painful or damaging ramifications of our wrong doing, and then what do we do? We test Him. We walk away from our time with God, eyeing Him. Plotting. Waiting for the moment we feel the severity of the issue has ceased and we disobey.

We are like children, having distaste for the correction our Teacher provides, because we are enjoying ourselves.

It reminded me of the line in the song “All for Love” – Hillsong

“Oh how many times have I broken Your heart
But still You forgive
If only I ask
And how many times have You heard me pray
Draw near to me”

How many times do we break God’s heart? How many times do we do things over and over, even when we know it is wrong. Furthermore than that, I began to think about the second part of those lyrics: how many times have I asked God to draw near, when He is already near? I am the one who is far.

It’s my prayer for you and for me that we would not test God, and not distrust God. He knows what is best, and He does not fail us, especially when we ask Him to draw near.


Live/Love, they’re gifts from above.

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