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– Sunshine is awesome!

– Mere and Justin, married for two weeks so far…seen them once. Ha ha, only a few more hours.

– My room is clean.

– Found two lizards outside my house, failed in catching them.

– Going hiking next Saturday, woo hoo.

– It’s June tomorrow? Wow.

– The 600 was disappointing

– Vacation highlights:  
     *Edisto Island is peaceful and quiet, downside – everyone drives slow
     * Turbo Jam kicked my butt
     * Two hour walks are a new favorite hobby of mine
     * Hawaiian Punch, yum!
     * It’s nice to feel like family around people who aren’t your actual family
     * Wish I would have taken more pictures

– Live and Love, they’re gifts from above.


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I just don’t have time for this.

Not, this, as in my blog. This, as in the situations…seeming obligations…constant pleasing of people.

I feel like saying that phrase, nearly ten times a day. Ok, maybe not that much. At least a few times a week. “I just don’t have time for this”.

I wonder if any of you readers or fellow bloggers ever just feel your humanness take ever. The inability to make time, when you 1) don’t want to 2) care more about other things.

The emails from friends saying “Why haven’t you called me?” to which my first thought is ‘You haven’t called me either…’ , the pushing of others to volunteer at yet another event. The never-ending demands of life in general. If I’m sounding cynical, I can say nothing but read the name of my blog “take it…or leave it.”

Now the reason I feel that I don’t have time for these things, is simply because I don’t merit them important enough. There is one thing on my mind that I want to bend over backwards to do: make time for my Creator. He is my breath of fresh air. If that puts you at the bottom of my list, I’m becoming okay with that. Because for awhile, I’ve let Him be the one that suffers moving down my list of priorities.

As Christians I feel like we miss the point of falling in love with this Man who has given His life for us. We serve others so much: friends, church, job, etc. But, none of that…and I mean NONE of that means anything, if you are not first serving the Lord. I don’t mean serving the Lord like serving in obvious ways so that people think you are where you are supposed to be, I mean serving Him – on your face asking what He desires for you, reading His word, praying for His guidance.

I want my heart to be so in tune with the Lord that I forget about hurting people’s feelings, or giving off the wrong impression. Glorifying Him is all I want to care about doing.

Oh, by the way, my sister is getting married in two days. So excited about that. I think this journey to preparing for the big day is the main thing that has pushed me to figure out why I have been neglecting things, even things like cleaning my room. I’ve seen how much preparation goes into preparing for your wedding day. So many details, endless details. There are smiles, laughs, tears, pains…all to make sure that day of uniting is so prepared for that it flows naturally.

WHY are we not like that with Christ? He is coming back, you know. If you are a believer, are you taking care of all the details? Not the exterior details, but the interior ones. Stop saying you trust or seek, and seriously do it. God has sent you His word, for a reason. He lays things on your heart, for a reason. I wonder when we will quit neglecting His deliberate presence in our life, and stop paying attention to the other things that we feel we have to spend time on…like those friendships or that opportunity to serve. Friendships, serving, succeeding at your job is all wonderful, but if you are not seeking His direction before any of those, then you are doing yourself no good. I’m no example to follow, because I have let these things go on the back burner, I am thankful to Him for revealing to me areas I have been weak.

So, I’m going to makie it a point to put the Lord before all- and if that leaves me at a place with a few neglected emails, or not over-committing because you’re “supposed” to serve your church, I’m okay with that. I want to plan for the big day of my uniting with Him, and with His help, I’m not going to let anything get in my way.

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