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Well, I guess I knew this was coming.


I was about to fall asleep, but I knew I’d be up thinking about today, so I decided just to get it all out. I need some sleep, badly. That won’t come until I’ve written.

I should be sitting here telling you about my great time for today, and how I finished in the half marathon 2 and a half hours and some change. I should be telling you about how great it feels to go after something, train, and complete…the liberating feeling of accomplishing something. I should be making parallels to the race to be like Christ, and how freeing running across the finish line will be much the same as entering Heaven.

However, I’m not.

I’m here to tell you that things do not always go as planned, and you don’t always get to parallel the parts of your life you want to the stories you have thought up in your head.

I didn’t finish today. Didn’t even come close.

Around mile marker three, I got very sick. I thru up for a good bit and had some other problems as well. Thus, I had to put my body first, instead of my drive to finish and feel accomplished.

Sometimes we don’t get where we’re trying to go in life. Sometimes God takes us on a different path. Today was disappointing, no doubt about that. The three mile walk back, alone, seemed a lot longer than the three miles I was headed in the right direction of where I wanted to go in this race.

I know there will be other opportunities to race, and I’m looking forward to continue my training so that I am ready for that.

In the mean time, I plan to appreciate each situation thrown in my life, even the ones that do not play to my favor. Had I not went back when I did, I would not have been able to see Joseph, Mallory, and Lisha cross the finish line – I am so proud of them!! They did awesome!

Ok, feeling a little better – and extremely tired, goodnight.


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Running my half marathon tomorrow!


Ok, no time to blog lots of thoughts, so since I am getting off the computer to do something productive you should too.

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There are a great deal of women that have impacted my life more than they know – of that I’m sure.

I was thinking just now that if I could compile the ideal woman, there are certatin traits I would want to glean from each woman I look up to.

First and foremost, I’d have to exempt my mom from this group – I’m biased in thinking she is the ultimate package :).

I think if I were to be any mom, if I were able to grasp the ability to truly embrace motherhood – I would want to be like Amy Boyles. I’ve been moved to tears on numerous occasions observing her selflessness as well as dedication to her children. Besides making mention of the Lord and His work in her life, praises and stories of her children are always spilling out of her lips. I will have to make sure Lulu and Jackson know how important their mom is when they are older…

If I could have the poise and beauty of any woman it would have to be Lacy Peacock. She is so gentle and pleasant to be around, and she looks stunning every time I see her. It seems like each outfit is effortlessly meant to go with every hue in her hair and eyes.

If I could have the hospitality of anyone, it would be Lisa Roberts. I don’t think Lisa has ever turned me away from showing up at their house, eating their food, or taking chocolate off of her desk. Oh, I’d also like Lisa’s sense of humor too…

I’d love to embrace the confidence Jennifer Daniel has. She is seemingly so sure of herself, and her guidance has pushed me to be confident in the Lord’s plan for me and to go after my dreams.

If I could have the faith of any woman, this would be a tie between Shelly Edwards and Stephanie Bauer (Stephanie’s bday is on Christmas, I always joke with my mom that it is because she is so close to Christ, God gave them the same bday). I have seen Shelly many times sharing her faith with someone and challenging others to get in the Word themselves and Stephanie is constantly praying for a lost person or sending scripture to a struggling believer. Such a breath of fresh air in a world full of fools.

If I could be a friend like anyone I would be like Michele Spicer. One of the greatest listening ears I’ve ever known. For myself and others close to me. Michele has both aspects of listening covered: listening and responding, as well as listening and allowing that needed silence to occur.

Finally, if I could possess the organizational skills of Carter Faucette, that would probably complete my list. Carter can probably do 18 things at one time, flawlessly.

The binding thread in each of these women is their love for the Lord, and through that all these traits become alive.

Lord, help me to love you so much it hurts, and through that- become the woman you are molding me to be.

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I have a metaphor in my mind that I’m not completely satisfied with but it serves the purpose to relate, none the less.

I was running the other day (surprise, surprise) when my contacts started driving me nuts [thank you pollen]. So, I started thinking about the choice to wear glasses over contacts, then wished I had enough money to have laser  eye surgery so that I didn’t have to deal with choosing. It would be simple and nice to just be able to see clearly.

I think that poor sight can be related to the Christian walk.

There are some exceptions that would have to be made, namely that none of us are born with 20/20 vision and that laser eye surgery is free.

For those of us who wear glasses, we know the difference between the confusion that is the world where we can’t see and the clarity that Christ brings but we also know that as soon as something comes into focus that we don’t like – we can slip the glasses off, no hassle involved. When trying to look in too many directions and figure out where to go, the glasses can aid in giving you a headache – because the focus is only clear through one path at a time. You can’t think about things in full circle, only in pieces.

The contact wearers are a step up. They get and grasp the need for clarity. However, they are at a place of thinking that contacts are nearly as good as laser eye surgery, they see clearly a majority of the time. The problem with contacts though is that if you don’t clean them, they get dirty. If you aren’t being constantly renewed you are making your sight fair-game for whatever hindrance wants to come in. Another problem with contact users is lack of understanding that laser eye surgery is FREE! Why would you not want to be able to see 100% of the time – the good bad and the ugly, then you can know what is right (Rom 12:2). Yet another problem with contact wearers, we sometimes know the ease of taking off the glasses – and go back to our old habits.

In this metaphor God is the Physician (no change there…because He is in real life), but He is ALWAYS prescribing laser surgery, He never prescribes glasses or contacts – they are just a thing of society that we have been blinded [no pun intended] into believing these quick fixes are as good as permanent change. So few of us grasp the need for the 100% change. 

Put your glasses down, take your contacts out, He offers clarity and perfection through Him – for FREE!

It still has some work to be done, I know -but I was just mulling around with these thoughts and if I didn’t write them down…who knows how long I would remember them.

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