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I can’t sleep. I need to write.

My heart is really hurting. Hurting for children without food, children sold into sex trafficking, people who need surgery but do not have the money, people who have no clean water to drink, people who do not have water at all, marriages who are struggling, people trying to overcome addictions, those who want a better life but have no one to encourage them on a straighter path, ultimately- my heart hurts for those who do not know hope in Jesus.

Take these thoughts Lord, help me not to just pass them by.



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Sometimes, I just need to write. I log onto my blog site and see all of these tabs: media, links, comments, pages, appearance, users, tools, settings….ahhhh and finally I see, write. Write. That is all i want to do. I seriously breathe easy when I click that tab. Writing is so freeing.


OK on to my inside the mind, haven’t done one of these in quite sometime, but for the sake of my sanity…here we go:

– I have no idea why I capitalize “Mind” in Inside the Mind, oh well.

– I would like to find a car

– DNOW weekend, wooooo.

– I can not get enough of sharp cheddar cheese and craisens, not together though.

– Sunshine, where did you go? 😦

– Charlie Thompson, so cute http://coreyjennyandcharliethompson.blogspot.com/ watch the latest video

– Glory Revealed, David Nasser – read it.

– My heart hurts for underprivileged children

– Last night I called Lisa Roberts, as Lisa Roberts.

– I can’t decide if I would rather be quirky or unique. Unique has a kinder connotation, but I like the word quirky.

– It would be good if it only took five minutes to travel 933 miles away, oh and it was cheap too. 🙂

– Sometimes I call my mom when I am mad or upset and vent to her and then feel completely better, I forget that sometimes it probably ups her stress level to hear me all bent out of shape, thanks for being you Momma.

– My stomach is making me get off the computer because I am hungry. 🙂

Something of worth will be posted within the next week, I hope.


Love, me.

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