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My stream of consciousness is shifting from late night to early morning. I used to stay up for hours on end simply theorizing, thinking, analyzing and questioning things about life, love and all that is in-between. Not that life and love are at opposite sides of the continuum, I just mean there is plenty of subjects that lay alongside of life and love, in no necessary order. Instead of my late nights, I’ve been having early mornings. Really early. I’ve been getting up to run at 530. Wow. I’m training to run a half marathon, my body will thank me in the long run, but I think it hates me right now :). I made a playlist of really uplifting music to keep me going on my multiple mile runs, not only that, but I’ve been trying every morning to get the treadmill that faces the window, so that I can watch the sunrise. Why is sunrise one word? Why am I a.d.d. when I type? Ok. Sorry. Let’s get to the meat of this post…

Existence blows my mind. The way our world has been lately, more personally- my world, with all the financial crisis talk, the crazy hyper-ness of my kids at work, the lecturing of my professors…it has been so distracting to moments of peace and simply being. What a lovely thing it is, to be. I am. I am sitting, I am typing, I am breathing, I am listening, I am thinking, most of all- I am. Does anyone else take their existence for granted? I never realized I did until, well, right now. As I was running this morning, I do not know which was louder: the thud of every step of my feet on the treadmill, the music in my earphones, or the thoughts in my head. As I watched the sky change from piercing black, to glorious orange I was overwhelmed with gratitude that I could simply exist in that moment, and every noise was silent.  Are you ever thankful for existence? God places you in moments for you to learn and grow, but I think often times we do not reflect and rest in those moments, we try too often to interpret and scrutinize, instead of simply being and breathing.


I’m not saying to stop being thankful for things like food, clothing, shelter, and love. However,I encourage you pay attention to existing, and begin to be thankful for just being. It’s all a gift, you know?


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