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OK, the blogger in me has gotten side tracked by school, work, and financial planning- thus the “Inside the Mind” posts keep reoccuring.

However, I had a conversation tonight worth blogging about.

My good friend Tallyn and I went out to dinner, just to catch up and have some girl time. It turned into some great God time. Both of us had a lot on our hearts to talk to each other about, and are dealing with some of the same struggles and conflicts.

Tallyn and I have always gotten along fairly well and enjoyed each others company, but tonight we really just “got real” with each other, and became transparent about our weaknesses and our strengths; the lives we have lived and the future we desire. It was great conversation. Sometimes I feel like there are so many people I come in contact with on a regular basis that I really know nothing about. Sure, I know where they go to school, or work, or what their kids are up to- but I don’t know what goal they’ve just reached or what trial they are facing.

Through our similar situations, Tallyn and I reflected on our ever-present need for our Savior. As humans, we critique ourselves and scrutinize every aspect of our lives, and wonder why we can’t pull it together and make something out of the mess of our lives. You strive to spend time with the Lord daily, but then feel like a failure when you have only read your bible a couple times that week. You stress out about the economy while you are alone, but throw on a smile and mutter something about having faith when you are around your church buddies, hoping you can convince them you believe it, even though you are having a hard time convincing yourself. You strive to not take part in sin, but then cringe thinking about the times that you’ve knowingly done so. Our earthly desires are constantly wrestling with our spiritual convictions, so much so that it can be a bit overwheling at times.

If we never had those about-to-loose-my-mind, crying-my-eyes-out moments…we would cease to have a need for a Provider, Sustainer, Comfortor, Healer, Couselor, Redeemer, Friend, and so many more attributes God can be.

Christians face the most adversity, in my opinion, from our own-selves (being, other Christians). Many of the times I have felt that I do not measure up to a certain standard, I am not measuring myself up to a standard Christ has set, but to a standard man has imposed. Christ calls us to come as we are, broken.

I do not want to be like the Pharisee in Luke 18, I want to be like the tax collector. I want to recognize, and accept that I am broken. It is through accepting we are broken, that we accept He is complete.


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– Praise the Lord I have secure hours at my job, finally!

– Four year old’s give the funniest answers when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

                    – Example: Jacob “I want to be a green truck” ………………..what?

– What ever happened to those koala bear cookies filled with chocolate, i think they came in a octagon box?

                   – Nevermind, just googled it. http://www.koamart.com/images/products/2879_enlarged.gif

– Praise the Lord Lisa Whittle’s daughter Shae accepted the Lord, rock on!

– My head hurts as a result of my jaw locking, ouch.

– I think I am going to join a Bible study on Titus tomrorow night, I get excited about learning.

– Panera Bread’s low fat wild berry muffin is amazing.

– Christa is such a good friend.

– I need a good book to get caught up in.

– What am I doing for Halloween?

– When will I ever get to carve my pumpkin!?

– My Maw Maw is so funny, especially when she isn’t trying to be

That’s all.

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– It would be awesome if this job situation would get worked out sooner than later, ahhh bank account diminishing!

– Running is a great avenue for me to get out my frustration, I’m glad I decided to go on one today.

– 44 days til the cruise

– Some college students I know started a website for people our age to discuss various spiritual topics, I’m amazed by the few posts I have read, people really underestimate our intellect and desire for truth. http://truethat316.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3

– I saw Christmas decorations in Target yesterday

– I love my future brother-in-law,  and his quiet natured good deeds

– I want to go to the Renaissance Festival

– I get to carve a pumpkin tonight

– The Office comes on tonight…I could do without the continual reference to pre-marital sex though.

– Jim and Pam are engaged! (ok, this was in my last Inside the Mind post, but it still makes me excited!)

That’s all.

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